Some may be wondering why there has not been a new collection since 2009. Well, there is a very valid reason. In December 2009 I created the biggest masterpiece of my life, the most precious Jewel of all - baby Roma Phoenix. At this time I divided my time between motherhood and designing and building a home in a tropical wonderland.

So now the time has come to launch the new 2011 collection KT CUORE … heart.

We are alive.

Since 1998 I have been creating one off pieces of Jewellery.

My pieces are inspired by a mixture of my surroundings, the people I meet, my spiritual and emotional journey, history and the materials at antique markets around the world. For me, the creative process is a cocktail of instinct, skill, culture, deep emotion and more often than not a romantic twist.

I have travelled around the world sourcing materials from specific antique and collector’s fairs. The materials I find inspire my collections and present me with creative direction. The pieces that come forth capture my current state of mind and personal style. The materials range from Georgian and Victorian Sentimental Jewellery, Trench Art of the Great War, European antiquities, pre-historic stones from Thailand and Cambodia, Brazilian Dendrite Agates, American Art Deco plastics, Mexican silver or Australian Boulder Opals, Indonesian black wood and Italian sterling silver.

The pieces I create are an unexpected fusion of diverse materials from diverse cultures united with a direct intention to make a positive difference. The materials are a chosen specifically for philosophical depth, for sentimental, nostalgic, romantic, historical reference or simply for an eccentric aesthetic. Each piece comes together with a narrative that naturally presents itself via the materials that merge together in a collage style romance of cultures and colour/texture combinations.

The 'Romantic Movement' in the early years of the Victorian era inspires my work. This celebration of Love is an undercurrent in my work. There is a precious sentimentality that Jewellery captures and absorbs and this makes me satisfied to make special pieces that can become so important and loved and passed down with Love.